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Testing is very important throughout the design and manufacture of Pet Preform Mould. While this may require some extra time and resources, you can achieve significant benefits by testing and focusing on the optimal packaging and retention time for each part you produce.
Packaging and hold time testing is done by weight. During the filling phase, the weight of the mold increases rapidly with the addition of 95% (or more) of the required material. As the weight of the packaging phase becomes more and more gradual, this rapid increase will decrease (if you think of the chart, the weight gain will begin to flatten). Considering this chart again, you will see that as the gate freezes, the weight of the mold gradually becomes lighter and no material is added.
In terms of time, you can optimize and reduce the cycle time by identifying the moment the gate freezes - zero when the die weight becomes horizontal. The best practice is to add a one second hold time here and then end the loop. By spending the least amount of time producing acceptable parts, you can be sure that you don't waste any cycle time in production.
Understanding packaging and holding times also helps improve part quality, reduce unacceptable parts, and reduce the need to run additional production cycles. If the defect is a problem - such as a sink or a cavity in a part - you need to look at the packaging and holding time as well as the injection pressure. Trial and error is often the most effective way to solve these problems, although it can be time consuming, but potential cost savings often reward such efforts. For quality problems, it is important to ensure that the injection pressure helps the gate freeze and that the packaging material does not return to the gate. The ideal intersection of time and pressure can greatly reduce the number of defective and/or defective parts you see.
If you question the value of running tests to optimize your process in this area (or if you are an entrepreneur and your injection molding supplier doesn't seem to think it's worth it), consider: even a one or two second difference It will have a huge impact on your overall production time. As with other things in the business, production time is equal to money, so your bottom line can see real improvement (or blow), depending on how much attention is paid to packaging and holding time, as well as other more detailed parts of injection molding. Be sure to use this knowledge to manage your production process accordingly.
Jilian Mold is a reliable and selected China Pet Bottle manufacturer. We know the importance of testing this part for mold making, so we will spend some time testing to create and provide better for our customers. Molds bring a better experience to everyone.

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