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China Pet Bottle Has Many Advantages

Pet Preform packaging has obvious advantages in the food field. PET bottle packaging is the most popular bottle shape in the plastic bottle packaging market. In recent years, PET bottles have been widely used in many fields. It has a wide range of market applications in the fields of food, cosmetics and medicine.

This is mainly due to the fact that PET bottles have many advantages that are not available in other types of packaging. First of all, PET bottles are very transparent. This gives PET bottles the advantage of competing with glass bottles. Secondly, PET bottle packaging can withstand a certain high temperature, and the material is very stable. This is very important for the protection of packaged foods. It is very important to ensure the safety of food only when it is resistant to high temperatures.

In general, PET bottle packaging has many advantages over other packaging types. Choosing the China Pet Bottle of Jilian Plastic Mold, with our rich experience in the market, we can guarantee you to bring you satisfactory products and services. If you are excited, please leave a message.

Pet Bottle Preform Industry Price Competition Is Amazing

 In today's world economic changes, the Pet Bottle Preform industry, the structure of the domestic industry is also in a state of continuous upgrading, and in the current industrial upgrading process, many industries with added value It will be faced with a variety of operational difficulties, but also unprecedented challenges, will face a variety of difficulties, in today's society, we can be based on the pet bottle enterprises in the storm of transformation.
  The development of its pet bottle faces a variety of problems, we can give you a careful analysis, for pet bottles is a labor-intensive industry, in the current labor costs are constantly rising, for pet bottles In terms of enterprises, the cost of labor has tremendous pressure, and the price of raw materials is constantly rising, and the various costs in the market are rising. The rise of raw materials is very obvious, and It will also bring another layer of pressure to the company.

    Along with the European debt crisis and the weak economy in the world, PET bottles' foreign trade orders are gradually declining. Many foreign trade companies are constantly turning to the domestic market, which brings the highly competitive pet bottle market. There is a lot of pressure, and the price war is getting worse and worse, and the profits of the company are getting lower and lower.

    Some of the pet bottle manufacturers, now in various pressure situations, are more likely to take the industry's upgrade path, and also need to take a new path in the packaging field of pet, which will continue to increase the added value of pet bottles, And in the production and design of pet bottles, all aspects of continuous improvement.

   Jilian Plastics is a crisis-conscious pet preform design and manufacturer. We are constantly perfecting our product range, from 5-Gallon Pet Preform to plastic caps, handles, etc. Welcome everyone to come and choose us. We will bring you perfect products and services, welcome to contact us.

Introduction Of Pet Bottle Preform Production

The forming process of polyethylene and polypropylene solid pet bottles with higher density is mainly the two methods of extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding. Extrusion blow molding equipment and processing technology are relatively simple, and the raw materials are relatively simple. The first is that the hot blank tube emerging from the die after plasticizing by the extruder is blow molded between the time points of the blow mold. Injection molding is mainly required to inject the parison. After the plastic material is plasticized and evenly in the barrel of the injection molding machine, the bottle mouth and the thread are directly processed by the injection molding die, in the mold with the Pet Bottle Preform. The core directly blows into the blow molding station to directly blow the bottle body. The scale accuracy of the bottle bottle and thread made by the core is very high, and the outer scale of the solid pet bottle body is very stable. Therefore, the degree of cooperation between the cap and the bottle mouth is also very fine, so that the sealing function of the solid pet bottle can be greatly improved. Therefore, the solid pet bottle produced by the method of injection blow molding is always very popular in the pharmaceutical industry. of.

Although the price of the injection blow molding device and the price of the extrusion blow molding equipment are relatively high, the quality of the produced product is very good, the degree of automation is also very high, and the power produced is also very high. Most of the solid polyolefin pet bottles produced by the company use injection molding and blow molding equipment. The domestic injection blow molding support machine has gradually arrived and approached the level of imported equipment, and supplied the production of polyolefin solid pet bottles. Very good condition.

The molding technology of polyester solid pet bottle is mainly applied to the blow molding technology of injection stretching. After the raw material of polyester is plasticized and symmetrical in pet barrel, the preform with threaded bottle is produced by injection molding. Then, in the blow molding mold, the preform mold is longitudinally stretched by the stretching rod, and the strength of the solid pet bottle produced by the method is very high, and the size of the bottle mouth and the thread is relatively accurate. The solid pet bottle has a strong stability function, a smooth surface and a very good transparency, especially for the packaging of liquid and solid medicines.

Jilian Plastics is a good pet product design and manufacturer. Our product range is also very comprehensive, which can bring you products ranging from 5-Gallon Pet Preform to caps, handles, etc. Welcome all interested customers to come and contact us, I believe we will not let you down. 

Problems In The Modern Pet Bottle Preform Industry

Plastic bottles are mainly made of materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene and added with various organic solvents. Polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are widely used as raw materials in plastic bottles. After adding the corresponding organic solvents, they are heated at a high temperature and then blown, blown, or injection molded through plastic molds. Plastic container.

It is mainly used for liquid or solid disposable plastic packaging containers such as beverages, food, pickles, honey, dried fruits, edible oils, agricultural veterinary drugs. Plastic bottles are characterized by not easy to break, low cost, high transparency, and food grade raw materials.

        There are various problems with Pet Bottle Preform. Let's analyze it carefully. First of all, pet bottles are labor-intensive industries, and the current labor costs are rising. For pet bottle companies, labor costs have become a huge pressure. Secondly, the prices of raw materials continue to rise, and the various costs of the market have risen, and raw materials have risen sharply, which has created another layer of pressure on pet bottle companies. Third, with the European debt crisis and the weakness of the world economy, pet bottles' foreign trade orders have gradually declined, and many foreign trade companies have fought in the domestic market, which has brought greater pressure on the already competitive domestic pet bottle market. The battle is getting more and more powerful, and the profits of enterprises are getting lower and lower.

        For pet bottle manufacturers, in the current various pressures, we should take the road of industrial upgrading, take the road of innovation in the field of pet packaging, and strive to increase the added value of pet bottles. Continuous improvement from pet bottle design, production and sales.

        As a seasoned expert in the plastics and pet industry, we provide our customers with a wide range of products, from 5-Gallon Pet Preform to plastic caps, plastic handles, etc. We meet the needs of all our customers. Welcome everyone to choose us. 

How To Control The Shrinkage Rate Of Pet Preform

Effect of molding process on shrinkage of Pet Preform: molding temperature is constant, injection pressure is increased, shrinkage is reduced; pressure is increased, shrinkage is reduced; melt temperature is increased, shrinkage is reduced; mold temperature is high The shrinkage rate increases; the dwell time is long, and the shrinkage rate is reduced, but the shrinkage rate is not affected after the gate is closed; the in-mold cooling time is long, the shrinkage rate is decreased; the injection speed is high, and the shrinkage rate tends to increase slightly, affecting Smaller; the molding shrinkage is large, and the rear shrinkage is small.

The post-contraction is large at the beginning of two days and is stable for a week or so. The plunger type injection molding machine has a large shrinkage rate. The effect of the pet structure on the shrinkage of the product: thick-walled plastic parts have a higher shrinkage ratio than thin-walled plastic parts (but most pet1mm thin-walled parts have a larger shrinkage than 2mm, which is due to the increased resistance of the melt in the cavity). Cause); the insert on the plastic part has a smaller shrinkage than the insert without the insert.

The shape of the plastic part is simple, and the shrinkage rate is simple. The height direction of the plastic part is generally smaller than that of the horizontal direction; the shrinkage rate of the elongated plastic part in the longitudinal direction is small; the dimension of the length direction of the plastic part is smaller than the thickness direction. The shrinkage rate is small; the inner hole shrinkage rate is large, and the shape shrinkage rate is small. The effect of the mold structure on the shrinkage of the pet product: the gate size is large, the shrinkage rate is reduced; the vertical gate direction shrinkage is reduced, and the parallel gate direction shrinkage is increased.

The shrinkage rate away from the gate is smaller than that of the near gate; the shrinkage rate of the plastic part with the mold limitation is small, and the shrinkage rate of the unrestricted plastic part is large. The effect of pet properties on the shrinkage of the product: the crystalline pet shrinkage is greater than the amorphous pet; the petity is good, the molding shrinkage is small; the filler is added to the pet, the molding shrinkage rate is significantly reduced; the same pet of different batches, the molding shrinkage The rate is also different.

       Jilian Plastic Mould is a China Pet Bottle manufacturer that produces reliable quality. With our many years of experience in the market, we can bring you various models of products. Welcome customers who need it to contact us.

Reliable China Pet Bottle Manufacturer - Jilian Mold

Drying Pet Preform is the key to success:
Pay close attention to, maintain good, and follow the recommendations of dryer manufacturers and resin suppliers.

In the preforming process, the best conditions are: at the lowest possible temperature, in the shortest possible time, fast, uniform, complete melting, the maximum holding amount IV decreases slightly, as little as possible to produce AA, as much as possible Transparent. The relevant conditions are:
The molding temperature is the barrel temperature and the hot runner temperature. During the molding process, only 30% of the heat is from external heating and 70% is from internal frictional heat, so in addition to proper heating, it also has good shear heat.
Injection and packaging
The injection overcomes the flow path resistance and will melt fill into the mold. When preforming, the best three speeds and pressures are arranged in descending order.
The injection rate is too slow, the cutting is not enough, and the product produced is not completely or short-shot before it is completely cooled; the exhaust chamber is faster and less, resulting in unsatisfactory charge, shrinkage, and high AA.
Fillers have two important functions: preventing melt reflow and cooling under pressure to ensure (enhanced cooling). Too much will cause the mold to overfill and swell, the internal stress will be higher, and it may crystallize. Too low will cause shrinkage, bottle deformation (not enough cooling), gate problems such as pinholes, bubbles, etc. Because the cooling rate is reduced at the gate. The residence time should be appropriate, too short to cause pinholes, stretching, etc.
Press release
The pressure relief is to reduce the pressure inside the hot runner and prevent the gate of the needle valve from being inflexible. However, too much can cause shrinkage, stretching, and pinholes.

Back pressure
The back pressure is driven by the rotation of the screw in the hydraulic system, and the screw exerts a pressing force on the melt in the oil. Role: Strengthen PET plastics to eliminate air bubbles. It is possible to transfer only the machine, and with the other preforms, after the back pressure is slowly increased, it is a suitable back pressure to be added to the preform without bubbles or scars. The high shearing effect is too strong, and problems such as poor shape, clogging of the gate, and pyrolysis may occur.

If you want to find a reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer, then don't miss the Jilian mold, we have a wealth of production experience in this area, is a choice you should not miss.

Pet Bottle Preform Are Getting More And More Popular

Pet Bottle Preform, as the middle semi-finished products of plastic bottles, have attracted more and more attention and welcome in the market in recent years. For the food and beverage manufacturers in the past, the purchase of plastic products has been the first choice. The plastic bottle can be directly filled as a finished product and pulled into the workshop, which is more convenient. However, for these food and beverage manufacturers, as the scale of production expands, the benefits of preforms begin to emerge. The preform is semi-formed compared to the raw material, which is more convenient to process, and more convenient to process. It can cooperate with the assembly line to realize a line of injection blowing. Therefore, the advantages of preforms will be greatly improved. Of course, the quality of the preforms also needs to be taken seriously, and the quality cannot be affected by the price. So what are the problems in the current preform market? How to solve or improve?

First: In order to increase the price advantage of products and their own profits, some manufacturers have become the unspoken rules of merchants by doping secondary materials in the production process of preforms. Although the secondary raw materials are cheap, there are still various problems that will affect the safety of food packaging. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen supervision.

Second: the preforms are easier to standardize than the blow molded bottles of different shapes. Moreover, the formulation of standards is more conducive to the development of the market.

Therefore, in the bottle cap embryo industry, the products will be professional and the manufacturers will be finer, and the development will be smoother. One of them is Jilian Plastics. We have a wide range of products to meet all the needs of consumers, from 5-Gallon Pet Preform to caps, handles, etc. We can satisfy you as long as you need it. 

Good Development Of China Pet Bottle

For the production of Pet Preform, many manufacturers will buy semi-finished products first: preforms. The pet bottle is re-blown through the semi-finished preform. Therefore, the quality of the preform greatly affects the quality of the pet bottle, which ultimately affects the packaging of food, beverages, and pharmaceutical products, and ultimately affects the lives of each of us.
      It is necessary to standardize various parameters such as the diameter, raw material, wall thickness and gram weight of the preform. Only in this case, the procurement and quality supervision of the preform will have a unified standard, so that the preform can be better. Quality is regulated to ensure the quality of the pet bottle. If the preforms are standardized, for some long-distance pet bottle purchase orders, there is a possibility of improvement in freight rates and the like. Because the pet bottle is a hollow product, it will take up a lot of space and volume when loading, which will have a large transportation cost. Relatively speaking, if the purchased preform is produced locally, the preform is a semi-finished product, which can save a lot of cost.
       Now we have a lot of excellent China Pet Bottle manufacturers, and have a good development in the global market. Jilian Plastic is one of the very outstanding ones, and has accumulated a good reputation in the market. Welcome everyone to contact us.

Pet Bottle Preform Are Widely Used

PET bottle means that the bottle contains a plastic material called polyethylene terephthalate (polyethylene terephthalate, or PET for short), which is compounded by terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol (Ethylene glycol). The resulting polymer. PET plastic has the characteristics of light weight, high transparency, impact resistance and non-fragmentation, and can also prevent carbon dioxide gas and keep the soda water.

Pet Bottle Preform have strong applicability and are widely used in daily necessities, daily packaging and other fields. From mold processing to machine equipment, it is extremely critical, easy to get started, and difficult to do.

Due to its light weight and good preservation, the technical trend of emphasizing heat resistance and pressure resistance has made PET bottles the mainstream of today's drinking packaging. Many beverages that require high-temperature sterilization to be filled, such as flavored water, juice, dairy products, sports drinks, etc., have also been packaged in PET bottles. PET bottles have become the mainstay of beverage packaging materials. Due to its low environmental pollution and energy consumption, PET bottles have gradually replaced traditional packaging materials in today's environmental awareness. With its functions of heat resistance and pressure resistance, it has recently replaced various PVC bottles, bags, aluminum cans, iron cans, glass bottles, etc., and has become the packaging material with the most growth potential.

Jilian Plastic Molding Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the pet industry. We always provide professional product design and manufacture for our customers. Our 5-Gallon Pet Preform are durable and suitable for all kinds of environments. Welcome to leave a message and inquire. , we are happy to serve you!

How To Make Lightweight Pet Bottle Preform

Injection molding technology for lightweight Pet Bottle Preform:

1, the clamping unit
Optimize the design of the clamping unit to achieve faster movements: a 5-point oblique hinge design optimized by cooperation with South China University of Technology, which has good motion and mechanical properties; using finite element analysis to increase The rigidity and deflection of the template, and optimize the structural unit, improve the speed of movement, increase the stability, make it more suitable for the special injection molding system of PET preforms; adopt professional stencil design, with rib design, make force More uniform, and the deformation of the template is smaller; the design of the wide tie rod spacing enables the mold to accommodate more mold cavities; the full-closed control system, the mold clamping and opening and closing system use the MOOG servo valve to control the servo cylinder, The control is more precise and the operation is more stable; the ejector system with auxiliary ejection helps to provide greater ejection force. A 360t device has an open cycle time of only 1.8s and a low voltage protection.

2, low pressure mold system
The low pressure mold protection system can better detect the change of resistance on the template, and accurately determine whether there is foreign matter in the mold, and at the same time judge whether the presence of foreign matter is not affected by the moving speed of the template, and even if the template is It can still be accurately judged when moving at high speed. From judging the presence of foreign objects to stopping the movement of the template, this time should be very short, theoretically 10 ms, and actually no more than 15 ms. The low-pressure mold is also faster than other conventional equipment, which can effectively shorten the clamping time and the empty cycle.
PET preform mould

3. Injection unit
For the special molding process conditions of the PET preform system, we have adopted an advanced two-stage injection method. This injection method separately controls the plasticization and injection of the PET raw material, which not only improves the plasticizing efficiency of the screw and the precision of the injection, shortens the molding cycle, but also effectively reduces the AA value. The use of a plunger design allows for more precise control of the amount of injection. The special PET screw is used to configure the high-torque plasticizing motor to realize the plasticization of the raw material, which can meet the plasticizing process requirements and improve the plasticizing efficiency of the screw. In addition, the unit can also monitor the temperature of the discharge port, and its pneumatic gate valve also has a discharge function.

Jilian Plastics is a cutting-edge pet product manufacturer. The range of products we cover is also very comprehensive and rich. From 5-Gallon Pet Preform to pet handles, etc., we can bring you a copy. Comprehensive protection. 

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