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Jilian Mold 5-gallon Pet Preform Will Not Let You Down

How to distinguish Pet Bottle Preform? Vision: Transparent and colorless products look good in transparency and impurities-free products (mostly original pellets) such as fresh-keeping bags, cups, lunch boxes, crisper products; low transparency or impurities A lot of goods are slightly worse in quality (mostly raw powder production) such as storage boxes, pots, hangers, stools.

The opaque goods are mostly commodities with poor merchandise (mostly for the production of recycled materials, but the return materials will be divided into many kinds of materials such as those produced by the manufacturer's trimming; the dealers return the products of the manufacturers), such as garbage bins and garbage. Barrel liners, garbage bags of goods. Smell: smells very light, but there is a faint PET taste for the better quality products; smelling PET is very thick and the quality is slightly worse; smelling PET is very heavy and has a pungent taste. For poor quality goods.

Tactile: Touching the edge of the product, there is no feeling of picking up the hand, the edge is relatively clean and the mold is better, and the flashing edge is also better; the touch is very handy, the edge is very rough and the mold is very poor. PET products should be purchased in large shopping malls and reputable supermarkets.

     Welcome to contact us. We are a professional pet product manufacturer and manufacturer. We can provide you with the perfect product production plan. Let's take a look at our 5-Gallon Pet Preform products. I believe it will not let you down.

Pet Bottle Preform Purchase To Be Detailed Specifications

In the process of selling and purchasing Pet Bottle Preform, both sides need to talk about detailed specifications, including PET bottle capacity, diameter, bottle height, diameter and so on. Some non-professional buyers do not know how to measure the height and diameter of the bottle after selecting the bottle. The simple conclusions are mainly in the following aspects.

First, the measurement of the outer diameter of the PET bottle: the detailed measurement method is to measure the east scale across the center of the bottle mouth, avoiding the orientation of the bottle clamping line, and the spindle is close to the mouth thread and will be round. The bottle mouth is rotated 360°, the maximum and minimum values ​​are measured, and compared with the bottle plan.

Secondly, the overall height measurement of the PET bottle: the so-called overall height dimension of the bottle refers to the vertical distance from the mouth of the bottle to the bottom of the bottle. The test method is to place the PET bottle on the horizontal surface and touch the vernier caliper end to the highest of the bottle mouth. Point, then rotate the bottle 360°, read the maximum and minimum scale values, and check whether it matches the plan scale.

In addition to the basic effect, PET bottles of better quality should also clearly indicate the functional planning. Different types of PET bottles have a very clear difference in processing. For example, the shape of the hand and the hand can not be mixed. together. Through the comparison and change of structure and shape and color and mechanism, it can form the hints and visual guidance of speech, and can also plan some attachments when necessary. With its own form of speech, the application of PET bottles can be clearly and clearly communicated. For example, the planning requirements for the outlet of the hand sanitizer container, this should be determined when the first time of use, how to operate, the hand is still the rotation method should be very clear.

Choosing Jilian Plastic Mold, we are a professional 5-Gallon Pet Preform design and manufacturer. Choose us and definitely bring you a satisfactory product experience.

How To Solve The Problem Of Shortening Pet Preform

 Shortening is a common defect in the processing of Pet Preform, especially for large PET products with high surface quality requirements. Shortening is a serious disease.  Therefore, people have developed various technologies to minimize the problem of shortening and improve the product quality of packaging containers.
 In fact, the problem of shortening often occurs in the thicker orientation of injection molded PET parts, such as ribs or protrusions, which is more severe than the adjacent orientation, because this shortcoming severely restricts the planning and molding of PET products, especially large thick-wall products, such as the inclined plane casing of TV sets and the display casing.  It is necessary to eliminate shortening marks for products with strict requirements on household appliances in China, while shortening marks are allowed for products with low surface quality requirements such as toys.
 In addition, there is another method to reduce the occurrence of shortening by modifying the mold and the conventional core hole. However, this method is not applicable to all resins at present. Otherwise, the gas assisted method is worth a try.
 Welcome to Jilian Plastic Mould Company. We are a very professional China Pet Bottle design and manufacturer. We can provide you with various professional opinions and suggestions. We believe that choosing us can bring you a perfect PET product experience.

Pet Bottle Preform Are Easy To Use

Pet Bottle Preform are widely used in our daily life. They are the most commonly used container products in life, and they have the characteristics of low cost and simple use. Therefore, we should pay attention to how to control the temperature during production and processing.

For its melting temperature, it is the lower limit of the processing temperature of the crystalline polymer. If the temperature is too high, the product will not form, and if it is too low, the product will be uneven. The decomposition temperature for it refers to the polymer in a viscous flow state, and when the temperature is further increased, the blown PET will exacerbate the degradation of the molecular chain.

Of course, we should pay attention when using it, because different temperatures or operations are set for different products, and the operation should be strictly in accordance with different specifications. The 5-Gallon Pet Preform of Jilian Plastics have strict product manufacturing standards and bring a high quality consumer experience to our customers.

How To Better Maintain Pet Bottle Preform

Pet Bottle Preform come in many different types and are used in different environments. For some liquid PET bottles, special maintenance is required to ensure that it is used without harm.

The liquid pet bottle preform has the characteristics of being non-fragile, non-rusting, oil resistant, strong corrosive, and sealed. It is generally used for the packaging of dangerous goods that require heat preservation, moisture resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, care must be taken during maintenance. Do not exceed the capacity of the liquid to carry it. The risk of blasting may occur. For volatile products, reduce the shaking during transportation. Different liquid containers should be used separately to prevent mixing. Produce a chemical reaction.

For the summer, when the high temperature is high, the flammable materials should be protected from fire and fire. Of course, the used PET bottles can be cleaned for the next use and can be stored in a dry and cool warehouse.

Jilian molds provide a full range of pet products. No matter what kind of products you need, we can do our best to satisfy you. Maybe you just need our high quality 5-Gallon Pet Preform. Welcome to come. Let us leave a message.

Jilian Mold 5-gallon Pet Preform Is Recognized

       At present, the competition in the food and beverage industry is becoming more and more fierce. In order to stand out in the fierce competition, Pet Bottle Preform packaging design is particularly important because it is a prerequisite for attracting consumers to purchase products. Consumers often judge their tastes and product grades through food and beverage packaging. And want to stand out from the many products, not only from the product itself, the innovative packaging that can jump out of the shelf at a glance is the guarantee of the flow of people and sales.

1. Personalized bottle design

For the new brand, the innovative packaging that can attract users at a glance, makes people feel good about the first impression before they have touched the product, and it is easier to generate good feelings for the content. In terms of the design of PET bottle packaging, it adopts unique ideas and appears on the market at a faster speed. It is recognized by more consumers and meets the personalized social needs of consumers to become the trend of today.
2. Convenient design

        As the pace of life accelerates, more and more consumers are not free to sit down and taste the products. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of consumers of this type of time and occasions, more specifications are needed. Mini PET bottles have great advantages if they are to meet the needs of consumers. Its light weight, easy to carry, good sealing performance, not easy to break. Therefore, it is very popular among consumers. In the eyes of brands and manufacturers, PET bottle packaging products are also easier to transport and better preserve products.

       PET bottles have become a powerful marketing tool in today's food and beverage market. Packaging is a comprehensive reflection of brand philosophy, product characteristics, and consumer psychology. It also directly affects whether customers purchase this product. These are based on the interaction between products and consumers. In the increasingly competitive competition in the beverage industry, packaging and products have been integrated.

Jilian Plastics has a complete pet product design and R&D production line to ensure the stability of our products. No matter what kind of products you need, I believe we can satisfy you very well. Our 5-Gallon Pet Preform have been loved and praised by many consumers in the market, so what are you still hesitating? If you need it, please contact us.

Jilian Mold Production Of High Quality 5-gallon Pet Preform

   At present, the purchase of Pet Bottle Preform is mainly through the Internet, or directly add a Q group of related industries. Usually, buyers have a direction before purchasing bottles, so we need to produce a variety of pet bottles. Preforms are prepared, especially for some classic styles, which must be produced, which is also convenient for everyone's choice. And often when some merchants are purchasing, the styles are more traditional, do not need to be very fancy, practicality is the first choice. Now the competition is so fierce, what do you beat your peers? Of course, my products are more beautiful and upscale than others.

   Now many PET manufacturers often look for a PET bottle style that they feel is suitable, and then ask if there are any manufacturers who have such a bottle. Now many buyers are no longer looking for a purposeless view, but Before purchasing, I had a style that I needed to purchase roughly, which was based on the production of their own PET.

   We can't predict how PET bottles are needed by buyers. If a customer is in desperate need of a type of bottle, and we lose this customer because it does not produce this type, it would be a pity.

  Jilian Plastics offers a wide range of products for a wide range of customers, from 5-Gallon Pet Preform to bottle caps. Or you can tell us your needs, we can also provide you with tailor-made products to ensure that you get a satisfactory product.

Measurement Technology Of Pet Bottle Preform

The Pet Bottle Preform of Jilian Plastics are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They range from opaque to translucent or transparent, so different measurement techniques are required depending on the type of sample.

The opaque preform is opaque and is preferably measured using a diffuse pre-form that allows light to pass through but only diffuses, so that the other side of the object cannot be clearly distinguished. Both the reflection and transmission measurement modes work well depending on the translucency of the sample. According to the rule of thumb, if you can see the fine details of your thumb or fingers through the preform's path length, then the transmittance is the preferred method of measurement. If you don't see the subtle details, then the reflection is Preferred.

The path length is defined as the thickness of the sample from which the light is incident to the exit sample.

The transparent preform allows light to pass with little or no interruption or deformation so that the object on the other side can be clearly seen. These preforms can only be measured with a transmission instrument.

In addition, certain metrics and indices, such as color, yellowness, whiteness, or haze, require the use of specific geometries and specific measurement modes.

Choose the 5-Gallon Pet Preform from Jilian Plastics. We have strict production techniques and methods. We can also tailor the products according to your needs to ensure your satisfaction.

How To Enhance The Strength Of Pet Bottle Preform

When the surface of the PET bottle is marked, the surface of the label should be flat. A “sash” can be designed on the surface of the PET bottle to make the label accurately positioned without moving. At the time of blow molding, the part of the Pet Bottle Preform that inflates the first contact always tends to be hardened first. Therefore, the wall thickness of this part is also larger. The edge and the corner portion are the portions of the pet bottle preform that are inflated and contacted, and the wall thickness of the portion is small.

Therefore, the edges and horns of the PET bottle should be designed to be rounded. Changing the surface shape of the PET bottle, such as the relatively thin middle portion of the PET bottle, increases the circumferential groove or rib of the surface of the PET bottle, which can improve the rigidity and bending resistance of the PET bottle. Longitudinal grooves or ribs eliminate the offset, sagging or deformation of the PET bottle under long-term load.

The printed surface of the PET bottle is the part of the consumer's attention. The printing surface should be flat and continuous; if the PET bottle contains handles, grooves, ribs and other structures, care should be taken not to cause inconvenience to the printing operation. Elliptical PET bottles have higher stiffness, but the manufacturing cost of the mold is higher. Therefore, in order to ensure the rigidity of the PET bottle, in addition to selecting the material with high rigidity, the shape of the PET bottle is also designed to enhance the rigidity and load resistance of the PET bottle.

Since most plastics have notch sensitivity, PET bottles are prone to cracks and cracks at sharp corners, roots of the mouth threads, necks, etc., so these parts should be designed to be rounded. For the transfer of a rectangular PET bottle, it is necessary to support most of the load of the PET bottle, so locally increasing the wall thickness at that place is also advantageous for improving the rigidity and load resistance of the PET bottle.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a manufacturer of high quality pet products. We have a good reputation and influence in the market. Our 5-Gallon Pet Preform have won the favor of many customers. I believe that we will not choose us. Let you down.

Pet Bottle Preform Packaging Is Common Around

   Pet Bottle Preform are now widely used, and they have become a common packaging material around us. In order to highlight the high-end products, this material is used. At the same time, the profit of cosmetics is relatively high. In the field of care, it is rarely used. For the care, the price of pet material is too high; the material of pet material is shatterproof, plastic, has the texture and appearance of glass, and the characteristics of pet, but it It has not been widely used outside the cosmetics field.

     If pet bottles want to be used more widely, it is not impossible. Then we need to make further breakthroughs. On the most basic basis, we will improve the shortcomings we have seen, except for the expansion of emulsions and creams. In the field of spray, lotion and other areas should also be expanded, then this needs to be changed in materials and design.

     However, pet bottles have a fatal flaw that cannot be recycled and reused, which makes it impossible to obtain more space in the packaging market for recycling.

     At the same time, using the advantages accumulated in cosmetic packaging bottles, efforts to expand in the vicinity of health care products, so that pet has a larger market.

    Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional pet product design and manufacturer from China. If you have any needs in this regard, please contact us immediately. Jilian Plastic has now launched a series of quality products, and our 5-Gallon Pet Preform have also been well received by the market.

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